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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Select board Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 19, 2008


** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present: Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Bob Oliver, Ken Young.


Others Present: Arlan Pidgeon, Donna Pidgeon, Kylee Rochon.


Call to Order: Meeting called to Order at 6:35 p.m. Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Review and Sign orders for bill payments: Select board reviewed and approved all orders.


Agenda Review: Diane reviewed the items to be discussed during meeting, including: New Business: Do we still need to have an outside audit because Donna is still involved, and it would save the town money not to have it done. Preliminary discussion on TULIP, (Tenant User Insurance Policy) for Town Buildings. Computer problems at Town Office & what we can do to fix the problem. The phone system prices from Comcast for an automatic answering service. Need of a new tape recorder for select board minutes. Old Business: Hooker Road. Better Back Roads Grant- Jerusalem Road. Tom had a discussion with Andrew Peterson about not getting involved in the tree business on Hooker Road. He also had a discussion with Andrew Peterson about land.

Minutes Of May 5th: Bob made a motion to approve the May 5th minutes, Second by Ken . Motion passed unanimously.


Reports from Town Officials: Arlan reported that Valincourt would start cutting the trees along Hooker Road on Wednesday. Arlan spoke with Reggie about the problems with the grader. Reggie suggested that Arlan try switching the valves that are half way up on the cylinders, Arlan is going to try to do that. Arlan spoke with Lawrence Dennis from Whiting about washing the bridge; Lawrence said he didn’t think that they would do it. Another guy told Arlan to talk to Mike Wilbur and Mike Wilbur will probably do it. The town will pay for it to be done. Arlan and Bob also went over and saw Mr. Kelly about the trees on Hooker Road that are going to be cut and the work that is going to be done. Mr. Kelly understands the work has to be done. Ken stated that he had a Leicester resident approach him about trees that are cut down on land owners property and that the tr ees just disappear. Ken wants to make sure that landowners have the first choice of the firewood. The select board agreed that the landowners get first choice of the firewood. If the landowner doesn’t want the wood then anyone can take it. Ken also wanted to know why we only ordered half a ton of chloride for the road. Arlan bought half a ton and the town bought half a ton. The Town didn’t have enough money to buy a full load. The bill was $325.00 for only the trucking of Chloride.



New Business:


---Action: At Town Meeting the Town voted to have an outside audit only if Donna was not involved. The amount was not to exceed $10,000 dollars. The Town voted that if Donna was still involved we would not have an outside audit, and we would trust our town auditors to help save the Town money. John Hughes suggested this off the floor at Town meeting and voters approved his suggestion not to have an outside audit if Donna was still involved. Donna and Kylee spoke with 2 of the 3 auditors and they agreed with not having to hire an outside agency. Tom made a motion to continue with our in house auditors and not pay for an outside audit in reference to the floor vote at Town Meeting because Donna is still involved. Seconded by Ken. Motion passed unanimously.


---Action: Vermont League of Cities and Towns is recommending that the Town give renters of the town buildings the card to call and get there own insurance on the buildings. The board wants to know more about this insurance. They want to know if it is required? The board wants time to review the information about the insurance. Diane is going to find out more information on the policy.


---Action: Kylee stated that we are having problems with 3 of the 4 computers. Sometimes the Listers and Zoning can’t get on to do what they need to. This is a big issue for them. Andrew Peterson the Zoning Administrator was a computer Technician and he can do the work for about $150.00 per computer to have them all wired to stop the problem. The total to have the computers wired will be $450.00 for everything. Ron asked if we could do the computers and the phone system together. We already looked into doing that but it is not possible. Tom asked where the money would come from. Diane stated we have $1,000 in the budget for upgrade and software for computers. Tom made a motion to approve Andrew to do the work and take it out of the upgrade and software computer fund. Second by Ron. Motion passed unanimously.


---Action: Kylee stated that she got an answering machine from Staples and after trying it, didn’t have any luck with it doing what we needed. Kylee spoke with several companies and they said it is not an answering machine we need, it is auto attendant through the phone company. Kylee took the answering machine back and made calls to get quotes. Right now through Fairpoint we pay around $150-160 a month for the 1 phone line and 1 fax. Through Comcast we can get 2 lines for $80.00 dollars and $25.00 dollars for a fax line, then $50.00 for Auto attendant. Tom wants to know if this is a promotion? We need to also know how long the contract is for? Is there a fee to cancel Fair point? Is there a cost to turn Fair point back on? If we don’t like it. Is there a fee to turn Comcast off? Kylee will come back to the select board on Monday June 2nd with the answer to the questions.


---Action: Kylee stated that we need a new tape recorder because we the one we have no longer works. Tom made a motion for Kylee to get a new tape recorder that is an old fashion one but a good quality. Ron made a second. Motion passed unanimously.


Old Business:

---Action: Hooker Road. Valincourt will start cutting trees on Wednesday. Diane is going to call Mr. Kelly to see if he wants the wood. After the trees are cut Arlan is going to stump it. Diane has not yet contacted Mr. Segoty about the culvert on his side. Diane is going to send a letter letting all neighbors on Hooker road know what is going on. Arlan is going to put up a sign on Hooker Rd that states Road Closed to through traffic. Arlan will contact Kylee so she can call the Sheriff’s department to patrol by Bobby Laporte’s for Arlan.


Action: Diane stated that we needed to make a decision if we are going to except the Better Back Roads Grant for Jerusalem Road. The grant was for $7,000 to stabilize the road on Jerusalem Road where the road is crumbling and falling into the creek. The town would have to pay no more then $2,500. Tom made a motion to contact Better Back Roads and let them know that we wouldn’t be accepting the grant. Second by Bob. Motion passed unanimously. The board made a decision to not accept the grant because the grant was written before Mr. Fox had given permission to do the work on his land, and that is what the grant was for.


Other Business: Diane stated that at the March 18th meeting with the zoning board it was discussed about potential workshops that could be provided to the Municipal Education grant. The topic discussed was: Is the development review board for your town? Diane applied for the grant fund, and it was approved for Thursday June 5th at 7:00 pm at the town office. There is no cost for the Town for the workshop. The workshop is open to anyone in Town.


Limited Public Comments: No public discussion.


Executive Session: Bob made the motion to go into executive Session to discuss Pending Legal Action at 8:03 pm. Second by Ron, passed unanimously. Tom made a motion to come out of executive session at 8:10 pm. Second by Ken, passed unanimously.


No Action taken.


Motion to adjourn: at 8:15 pm made by Tom, second by Ken.


Next Meeting: June 2nd, 2008 at 6:30 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kylee Rochon - Select board Secretary