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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Select board Meeting Minutes

Monday May 5th, 2008



 ** see subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present: Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Bob Oliver, Ken Young.


Others Present: Cecile Todd, John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Kylee Rochon, Audrey Scarborough.


Call to Order: Meeting called to Order at 6:35 p.m.; Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Review: Diane reviewed the items to be discussed during meeting.


Including: TAC Rep, start review of The Rapid Response Plan, and Hooker Road. Reports from any Town Officials or Committees. Approval of April 21, 2008 minutes.


Review and Sign orders for bill payments: Select board reviewed and approved all orders.


Minutes Of April 21st : Tom made a motion to approve the April 21st minutes,Second by Bob, Motion passed unanimously.


Reports from Town Officials:  Kylee stated that things are going well as Town Clerk and Treasurer. Kylee stated that Justin, the rep for the copier, has a contract for us and we need to sign it. Kylee stated that we need a better phone system so that people can talk directly to the listers and zoning board. Kylee was told to try and find an answering machine that does that. Kylee has agreed to do  that. Harry Smith stated that on the listers side they have been meeting on Tuesdays and that things are slowing down. Harry stated that tax appeals will be coming up.  He reported that there have been no responses to the requests for proposals he sent to arrange for the next town-wide reappraisal. 

Bob asked about the status of the VELCO easement.  Tom will call Andrew, who was authorized at the March 18 meeting, to gather information and report to the board.


New Business:


---Action: TAC Rep. Diane stated that we needed a new TAC Rep. Diane doesn't want to be the delegate; she would prefer to be the alternate.   The town also needs a delegate to the ACRPC, as Donna has declined the position.  Cecile stated that she would ask David Todd if he would want to be the rep as he did it for many years. Cecile will get back to the board with his answer.  She will also ask Gerry Flint if he is interested.


---Action: Start Review of Rapid Response Plan. Diane stated that we have to submit our Rapid Response info. The select board reviewed all the info. Kylee was asked to call all the daycare providers in town to make sure they were still open as part of the high needs places. Kylee agreed to do this. Andrew Peterson has completed his portion as Zoning Administrator.

The question about the status of the Coon property on Hooker Road was raised.  Chair to contact Bucky.

Arlan reported ditching on Shackett Road, the grading on Delorm and Old Jerusalem Roads.  The right side of the grader blade drags.  Arlan to call Reg at Winmill about the cost of a valve. 

The new bridge is also due for its annual spray wash.  Arlan to contact Salisbury or Whiting Fire Departments about the use of their truck for the job.


Old Business:


---Action: Hooker Road. Arlan gave Diane the figures for how much it will approximately cost to do the grading and ditching needed to be done on Hooker road. The cost will be approximately $48,000-$50,000 to do all the work that needs to be done. The board discussed how we already have approximately $30,000 right now to start the project.


ACTION:  The Board decided not to pursue the Stormwater Mitigation grant.

The Board accepted Arlan's figures of approximately $27,000 for ditching and grading. The board agreed we need to have a town wide vote, for voters to approve the use of the restricted funds originally allocated for the bridge.  These funds could be used to pay for the project and would involve no raising of taxes for that purpose. Tom made a motion to take "in-house funds" and the balance of the bridge fund, as well as ditching funds of approximately $12,596.00 to complete the project as soon as possible, Bob seconded it. Motion passed unanimously. The issue of cutting of trees on Hooker Road was also discussed.  The Board discussed the original letter that Diane wrote to Mr. Kelly.  After discussion, the decision was made to first cut the trees on the west side of the road that are within the town's right of way, in order for the necessary ditching to occur.  The trees on the east side of the road will be removed after the first phase is complete.  Bob and Arlan to mark the trees this week.



 Tom mentioned that an additional 2 million dollars may be available in Operation Pothole, a legislative measure to deal with the extreme damage roads suffered this winter.  Towns will apply, just as we did earlier, for paving funds.


Limited Public Comments: No public discussion.


Executive Session: Motion to go into Executive Session, at 8:10 p.m. to discuss pending legal action, second by Ron, passed unanimously. Cecile noted that she felt Charlie Makovec should have been invited as a courtesy, as he also signed the Grand List last summer. Motion at 8:45 pm to come out of Executive Session, made by Tom, seconded by Ken, passed unanimously.


ACTION: Harry to attend status conference on May 15, as well as Ron, and possibly Diane, as Board representatives.


Motion to adjourn: at 8:50 p.m. made by Bob, second by Ken. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.   Next Meeting : May 19, 2008


Respectfully submitted,

Kylee Rochon, Selectboard Secretary