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Minutes - 9-03-2018

Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 3, 2018
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Brad Lawes, Diane Benware, Tom Barker
Members Absent: John Rouse, Ron Fiske
Others Present:  Julie Delphia, Arlan Pidgeon, Sandra Trombley, Secretary                                                          
Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair. 
Pledge of Allegiance:
Review of Agenda 
Approval of August 20, 2018 minutes:
Motion by Brad and second by Tom to approve minutes of August 20, 2018 as written.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Review/Authorization to Pay Bills:
Motion by Tom and second by Brad authorizing Julie to pay bills.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Reports from Town Officials, Committees:
Road Foreman:
Arlan didn’t have anything to report.
Tom mentioned the water running out of Houle’s driveway on Cram Road.  Driveways are not being put in correctly and they need water bars so water doesn’t just run out in the road.
Tom also mentioned up by Rick Hanson’s, the road is very rough.  It looks like someone has spun out to go up into the other lot.
Diane reported that on Thursday morning, she and Arlan are going to Regional Planning to learn how to use the IPad for Backroads Class A Grants to inventory bridges and culverts.  They will also meet to learn about the Capital Budget Plan.
Diane complimented Arlan on the grading of the roads.
Town Clerk/Treasurer:
Julie reported the tax bills went out.
Julie shared some issues with the photocopier. The copier is not user friendly. A couple techs came down.  Then the ‘big guy’ came down.  Julie asked him to make some copies different ways.  He now understands the problem.
For the record, the Town of Leicester has met the criteria for general permit 3-9040.  The timeline is:  by April of next year, the Board will have to submit an Annual Report. By December of 2020, the Board will have to submit a Road Storm Water Management Plan.
Tom was wondering who was going to do all this work.  Depending on what needs to be done, someone may need to be paid for over and above.
Health Officer:
Cemetery Committee:
Tom sold one cemetery lot.
Weight Permits:  None
Community Leadership Summit, October 1stat Castleton providing local leadership to future Vermont communities.  One person can go for free.  Julie will register Diane for the Summit.
De-Icing Conference on October 10th& Transportation Alternatives Grant Program, Roads Scholars given to Arlan.
Police and Fire Blood Drive, Tuesday, September 18 at the Middlebury American Legion from 11:00 – 4:00.
Backyard Woods Program on-line training course.
October 10th& 1lth is the 75thAnnual Conference on Recreation; honoring the past and inspiring the future.
Composting Course.
Emergency Preparedness Conference at Lake Morey.
Planning Session for Mooslamoo.
State Government Municipal Day, November 1st in Rutland.
Let Julie know if anyone is interested in more information or to sign up.
Railroad Crossing Meeting:
On Thursday at 1:00, ECI will be holding a Railroad Crossing Meeting at the Middlebury Post Office for all five crossings. Tom and Brad will try to be there to represent the Board.
Julie will confirm if it is at the Post Office or Town Office.
Conflict of Interest Policy:
Town needs a Conflict of Interest Policy in order to receive Federal funds.  Template provided to Leicester by VLTC.  Julie recommends reviewing the policy and then approving the policy at the next meeting, September 17th.
Town Shed:
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to go into Executive Session at 7:07 p.m. to review the Confidential CDL Records exempt per 1 V.S.A. § (a) (6).
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to come out of Executive Session at 7:15 p.m. with no action taken.
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to adjourn at 7:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley
Selectboard Secretary