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Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association

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Our milfoil control program in 2023 was, once again, supported by funding from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC) Aquatic Nuisance (ANC) Grant in Aid. These funds helped pay for the Greeters at the Magoon Access Area, as well as for equipment and labor to remove Eurasian milfoil (EWM) from our two lakes. We also receive significant funding from the town of Leicester and the Town of Salisbury to assist with our milfoil control program.

The results of our EWM control program in 2023 continue to be relatively positive and after years of struggling to keep up with the infestation and spread of EWR, our recent efforts have shown signs of success. Although EWM has recovered and increased in both lakes, it is still significantly less than prior to our last application of herbicide in 2020. On Lake Dunmore, there are fewer heavy patches of milfoil but there is still a significant amount of sparsely scattered plants. Fern Lake has also experienced in increase in EWM. Our efforts are on-going, and we will continue to seek assistance from VTDEC as we address the EWM situation in the future. Our objective is, to the extent possible, to rely on hand-pulling or diver assisted suction harvesting (DASH) to control the EWM.

Many LDFLA members contribute their time and energy as volunteers to assist with our milfoil prevention efforts. These volunteers are important for our program’s overall success and demonstrate our commitment to preserving our lakes.