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Town Clerk


Effective 03-07-2024
The Town Office Hours will be:
 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9am -2pm
To make an appointment, please call 802-247-5961 or email townclerk@leicestervt.gov
Thank you for your understanding.


Recycling at the Town Shed**
1st and 3rd Saturdays
9am -12pm
**On snow days, recycling will be by the Town Office.


The Town Office is open for regular town business!!!  Land Records research REQUIRES a formal appointment.

The Town Office staff still remain available to assist you by phone, mail, fax, and email.  


WE CAN SUPPORT SEARCHES BACK TO AT LEAST 1972 REMOTELY.  Click HERE for our Research page.  If you are unable to complete your search online, please contact the office for an appointment. In-Person Land Records research REQUIRES a formal appointment. 

Leicester Historical Society

Leicester Memory Tree

At this time, we pause to remember family and friends no longer with us. The Society appreciates the community support.


Barbara Ambrose
Joe Babcock
Margaret J. Babcock
Betty Bearor **
Paul Bearor**
Scott Benware**
Matt Bilodeau
Pierre Bilodeau
Catherine Bishop
Greg Bishop
Tom Bishop
Danielle Booska
Dan Bugnacki
Dominick Bugnacki
Sophie Bugnacki
Jeannette Clark**
Robert E Clark**
Burt Cole
Patricia Crosby
Mike Dickason**
Bob Disorda**
Julius English Sr
Ken English
Tekla English
Todd English
Wesley English
Grace Fassett**
Tweeter Felion
Andy Goodsell**
Gordie Halliday
Burt Hathaway**
Hawley Hathaway**
Mindwell Hathaway**
Nancy Hathaway**
Norma Hathaway**
Ralph Hathaway**
Marie Hooker**
Seth Holden**
Mary Huntley
Oliver Huntley
Nancy Johnston**
Ruth Johnston**
Tom Johnston III**
Allison Krans**
Betty Lajoice
Bernice LaPorte
Carlita LaPorte**
Debbie LaPorte
Donald LaPorte
George LaPorte
Jeanne Hiltz-LaPorte
Kenneth LaPorte
Shirley LaPorte
Gale and Elaine LaPorte-Parmalee
Beatrice Leary
Frank Leary
Christa Q Little
John Malewicki
Dick Malinowski***
Helen Malinowski***
Frank Malinowski***
Karl Malinowski***
Sandy Malinowsi***
Peggy Mathieu
Ray Mathieu
Ray Mathieu Jr
Roger Marcoux
Theresa McDonough**
Annie Miner**
Henry Miner**
Leo Miner**
Kenneth Morrison
Bob Oliver
Peg Oliver
Jen Palin
Elizabeth Parker
Wesley Parker
Jocelyn Pelletier
Jeff Phelps**
Paul Pidgeon***
Paul S. Pidegon III ***
Sandy Pierpont
Bucky Ploof
Jan Ripley
Bob Ripley
Ken Rogers**
Shirley Round**
Bruce Rounds**
Mary Ryder
Royce Ryder**
Audrey Scarborough**
Robert Shepard
Ruth Shepard
Dan Slater**
Edie Slater**
Jody Slater**
Joe Slater**
Tom C Slater**
Tom J Slater**
John Swinington****
George Swinington****
Mary Swinington***
Uncle Tom Swinington**
Harold Williams**
Ivy Williams**
Mary Jane Wing**
Pete Wing**
Tommy Wissell*
Stan Wisnowski
Frank Wykes
Donna Wyman**
Jimmy Zutell**                   


 *multiple requests




We need your help!

If you know anyone in this picture, please email Julie at townclerk@leicestervt.gov.

Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association


Our milfoil control program in 2023 was, once again, supported by funding from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC) Aquatic Nuisance (ANC) Grant in Aid. These funds helped pay for the Greeters at the Magoon Access Area, as well as for equipment and labor to remove Eurasian milfoil (EWM) from our two lakes. We also receive significant funding from the town of Leicester and the Town of Salisbury to assist with our milfoil control program.

The results of our EWM control program in 2023 continue to be relatively positive and after years of struggling to keep up with the infestation and spread of EWR, our recent efforts have shown signs of success. Although EWM has recovered and increased in both lakes, it is still significantly less than prior to our last application of herbicide in 2020. On Lake Dunmore, there are fewer heavy patches of milfoil but there is still a significant amount of sparsely scattered plants. Fern Lake has also experienced in increase in EWM. Our efforts are on-going, and we will continue to seek assistance from VTDEC as we address the EWM situation in the future. Our objective is, to the extent possible, to rely on hand-pulling or diver assisted suction harvesting (DASH) to control the EWM.

Many LDFLA members contribute their time and energy as volunteers to assist with our milfoil prevention efforts. These volunteers are important for our program’s overall success and demonstrate our commitment to preserving our lakes.

Delinquent Tax Collector

Contact Information

To discuss delinquent taxes or to make a payment, contact Beth Ripley at (802) 247-0075.